CEO expresses

"Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals, they are both essential ingredients for a long- term success" - Bill Ford

A belief that I could start my own venture which is one of its kind and that where I could generate jobs for those passionate job seekers was my first thought since the time I wanted to start up my own venture. That is where I began with Enrich Traders.

My early years of education at Bangalore with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering made me very systematic and a perfectionist. My take was always providing innovative products and services with good quality and consistency. Knowing that the industry I'm building is unique of its own and where there is not much of a competition but yes there is a need made me quest more for it.

The innumerate number of choices and products from around the world made me raise Enrich as one of the best sought after brand.

We provide solutions on

  • Water proofing Interior & Exterior
  • Anti-microbial floor and wall coating.
  • Industrial based floor coating for Indoor and Outdoor stadiums.
  • Synthetic based coatings
  • Thermal insulation coatings

Mr.Noufal AK


(Enrich Marketing & Trading Pvt Ltd)